Prospects for a medical job in Qatar

work as a doctor in Qatar, working as a nurse in Canada, work for physicians in QatarQatar is quite popular country among Ukrainian immigrants, because it is a state dubbed a paradise on the Earth. The reason for this is the economic development and, of course, a special climate. Furthermore, Qatar is considered to be the richest country, given the per capita income. Emir controls all in the country, his family is trying to improve the lives of his subjects, to improve the system of education and medicine. To find a job as a doctor in Qatar is the dream of many people, that’s just not so easy to make it. The advantage of working as a medic in Qatar is the fact that almost the entire population knows English, so it knowledge will be enough to start. The second advantage, which will surely appreciate the Ukrainians, is a high salary.
To get a job as a doctor in Qatar is possible, as our doctors have earned a good reputation and are highly sought after for employment abroad. In order to find work as a nurse in Qatar  you need to know the English language well enough to be interviewed (and it is not so easy). Continue reading Prospects for a medical job in Qatar

Medicine in Qatar

According to researchers the best health care systems with modern equipment are located in Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. It is distinguished by a high level of activity and ability to react quickly in different situations.

The health care system in Qatar is quite well developed, so many specialists are looking for work as a doctor in Qatar. But medical care is not free (except first aid) and it is quite expensive. However, this is not a problem for local residents. And health workers have a high income so surgeon employment in Qatar is considered prestigious.

Large hospitals provide even difficult kinds of services. And the local population, which does not have sufficient funds to get a help in private hospitals receives subsidies for services from state. Continue reading Medicine in Qatar

Medicine in Saudi Arabia

The health care system of Saudi Arabia is at a high level, according to some reports – it`s one of the best and the most modern in the world. Problems with health care exist not only in big cities but also in distanced from the center areas of the country. The only difference in health care for the citizens living in the large administrative districts, is the quality and the level of its – Saudi capital Riyadh concentrates most of the best clinics in the Middle East with highly specialized equipment and specialists.

The high degree of development of medicine in the country is explained largely by the fact that the government spends on health care rather large amount of cash – more than 8 percent of the budget of Saudi Arabia, which is high even in comparison with European countries. Continue reading Medicine in Saudi Arabia

Medicine in Libya

Мечеть_Ахмада_Паши_Караманли_Ливия-Mosque-of-Islamic-Call-Collagei_LibyaNormal medical help in Libya is available in the capital, since that is where large specialized centers with professional workers and modern technology are located. In addition, medical assistance in Libya consists of Emergency, which is also partially serves as a polyclinic. Medical institutions of Libya are different from the others. For example, an absence of documentation creates a lot of difficulties because doctor simply can’t look through the patient’s illnesses history. In addition, since there is no clear territorial division in this country, the patient often feels unwanted and redundant while desperately looking for a good specialist or a decent medical facility. After these futile attempts, patient loses any hope to receive an appropriate treatment and (if he can afford it) goes abroad for help. The Libyans most often go to doctors from Tunis. And this is despite the fact that a lot of finances in Libya are spent on health care. Continue reading Medicine in Libya

Medicine in Nigeria

МЕДИЦИНСКИЙ ПЕРСОНАЛ ИЗ СНГFederal Republic of Nigeria is bordered on the west by Benin, on the north – with Niger, in the north-east – with Chad in the east – with Cameroon. The area – 923,768 sq km. Population – 174 million. Nigeria is the most populous state in Africa, ranking only 14th on the continent by area. The capital – Abuja. In 2014, Nigeria’s leading oil producer in Africa, has become Africa’s largest economy, overtaking South Africa in size.

In Nigeria at least six cities have a population of over 1 million people (Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Kaduna, Port Harcourt and Benin City). Lagos, home to more than 10 million people, is one of the largest cities in Africa and the world.

Medicine in Nigeria is at a stage of development, although the country’s health sector for a long time, was being constantly in the spotlight in the news and on hearing among international organizations. At the therefore you are exactly guaranteed to find a work as a doctor in Nigeria. Continue reading Medicine in Nigeria

Medicine in Angola

РАБОТА ЗА ГРАНИЦЕЙ ДЛЯ ВРАЧЕЙ ПО ВСЕМУ МИРУAngola – is one of the most famous exporters of gold and oil. Despite this, life expectancy is only about fifty years. Medicine in Angola is at a very low level, the majority of people simply do not have access to doctors. And if they do, they can’t afford to pay for their services. Recently, the government attempted to somehow solve the problem of personnel, equipment and hospitals shortage, but, unfortunately, there was no result. New health facilities are constructing in the cities, but there is simply not enough financial support for their opening. Even though population of Angola is suffering from malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid, measles, and more and more people are dying of AIDS. In addition, there is a high mortality rate among mothers and children. Small communities often don’t even have doctors and their duties are given to other medical personnel, who studied in the provincial centers. Continue reading Medicine in Angola

Medicine in Kuwait

кувейт_2Healthcare system in Kuwait is financed by the state; therefore all of its citizens can count on free care and treatment. Considering that doctors in Kuwait have a big salary and population is not large, there are almost no problems with queues. On the contrary, there is competition among the medical institutions, which forces them to perfect and to keep pace with the time. To find a job as a doctor in Kuwait sometimes it is necessary to improve your skills abroad, as local experts do. Education in country is often insufficient. In addition, members of the ruling family and the rich citizens often apply for health care to specialists from leading clinics of Hamburg, London, Chicago and other developed cities of the world. Why it is considered promising and desirable to find a doctor job in Kuwait? Because it is a good opportunity to large sums of money for a short period of time. At the same time, the Ministry of Health of the country ensures that specialists meet all the requirements and checks before allowing them to start practice. Continue reading Medicine in Kuwait

Medicine in Germany

ГерманияThe health care system in Germany is established and works accurately like the other mechanisms of this developed country. It is no wonder since a doctor job in Germany is considered to be an incredibly noble and rewarding: life is worth trying. The German health care system had enough time to properly develop and find out “levers” to protect and preserve the health of its citizens. The key principles of social equality, solidarity and help availability for every society layer were made by “Iron Chancellor” of Germany – Otto von Bismarck. Over time his works were improved, making medicine in Germany one of the best in the world. Since the treatment in Germany is often the last hope for people around the world, such a thing as “medtourism” has appeared recently.

In addition, due to the high development of this industry, more and more Ukrainians are going to this country because work as a doctor in Germany becomes a very tempting prospect for them. It allows to not only obtain high and stable income, but also to gain invaluable work experience abroad and move up at the career ladder. Continue reading Medicine in Germany

Medicine in Poland

ПольшаThe health care system in Poland is significantly different from that which exists in the post-Soviet countries, and from the one created in the developed countries of Central Europe. To find a job as a doctor in Poland, of course, is much easier than in the same Germany or Switzerland, but it is different here, and salary and working conditions. To begin with, the patient can get help in both the public and private clinics. The equipment, the quality of services they are differs from place to place. The simplest (basic services), people of the country or foreigners who work legally get at public hospitals free of charge compulsory insurance. The patient is entitled to independently choose a doctor first link, but it can only be changed in six months. If there is a desire to do it earlier you need to pay 2.5% of the price of medical services. The doctor of the first link – a therapist who directs the patient to a narrow specialist. Without this first step, you can get other specialists only on your own pay for his services. Without prior visit is possible to be examined by a gynecologist, a dermatologist, psychiatrist, ophthalmologist, oncologist and dentist venereologist. Continue reading Medicine in Poland

Medicine in Czech

ЧехияIt is not a secret that medicine in Germany and Israel is on the verge of science fiction: modern equipment, highly qualified doctors, organized system. But how things are going in other European countries? For example, what are the differences of Czech Republic medicine and how to get a doctor job there? Let’s start with the fact that this country also have both public and private health institutions. Of course, things are not as good as in Germany and Switzerland, however both private and public hospitals in Czech Republic have something to be proud of. It is noteworthy that qualitative medical services may be obtained not only in major cities but also in provinces. As in other developed countries, Czech Republic has a medical insurance. The insurance may be voluntary or mandatory. If patient has no insurance doctors services may cost a lot of money. But citizens should not worry about insurance because the government should take care of non-working Czechs. The insurance in country will cost much cheaper than in other countries of central Europe. Continue reading Medicine in Czech