Medicine in Angola

РАБОТА ЗА ГРАНИЦЕЙ ДЛЯ ВРАЧЕЙ ПО ВСЕМУ МИРУAngola – is one of the most famous exporters of gold and oil. Despite this, life expectancy is only about fifty years. Medicine in Angola is at a very low level, the majority of people simply do not have access to doctors. And if they do, they can’t afford to pay for their services. Recently, the government attempted to somehow solve the problem of personnel, equipment and hospitals shortage, but, unfortunately, there was no result. New health facilities are constructing in the cities, but there is simply not enough financial support for their opening. Even though population of Angola is suffering from malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid, measles, and more and more people are dying of AIDS. In addition, there is a high mortality rate among mothers and children. Small communities often don’t even have doctors and their duties are given to other medical personnel, who studied in the provincial centers.

It is logical that their education, mildly speaking, is not very good. There are not many doctors from Angola in country, doctors from other countries who came on various programs are those who mainly work in hospitals. In particular, a few years ago in the country a good working environment was established for medics from Cuba.

Also in Angola work many doctors from the CIS countries and the former Soviet Union. In general, each province in Angola has hospitals, although even such basic things as sterility are forgotten there: instruments may lie on the floor and not be handled properly. All these factors make people lives very difficult and make them look for help from folk healers who know about medicinal herbs and other nontraditional treatments.