Medicine in Czech

ЧехияIt is not a secret that medicine in Germany and Israel is on the verge of science fiction: modern equipment, highly qualified doctors, organized system. But how things are going in other European countries? For example, what are the differences of Czech Republic medicine and how to get a doctor job there? Let’s start with the fact that this country also have both public and private health institutions. Of course, things are not as good as in Germany and Switzerland, however both private and public hospitals in Czech Republic have something to be proud of. It is noteworthy that qualitative medical services may be obtained not only in major cities but also in provinces. As in other developed countries, Czech Republic has a medical insurance. The insurance may be voluntary or mandatory. If patient has no insurance doctors services may cost a lot of money. But citizens should not worry about insurance because the government should take care of non-working Czechs. The insurance in country will cost much cheaper than in other countries of central Europe.

In Czech Republic patient should first consult with a specialist of primary care from his area. Or with the therapist (adult or child), dentist or practicing gynecologist. It is important to note that patient can appeal only to the doctor, with which his insurance services signed a contract, as this is a way of paying for doctor’s work in Czech Republic. Before attending an appointment, patient should be registered, and the doctor in Czech Republic may refuse helping only when he is loaded that much, that he could not provide assistance at sufficiently high level. If doctor of primary care (ambulatory specialist) decides that the patient needs a particular course of treatment, he sends him to the hospital or arranges such treatment by himself. Hospital treatment is provided in a hospital clinic for long-term ill patients, in a psychiatric hospital, rehabilitation facilities, health resorts or night sanatoriums.

If the patient needs emergency assistance, he will be inspected any way. If a person feels that bad that simply can’t get to the hospital on his own, an ambulance, which should be called with a special number, comes.

Medicine in the Czech Republic is at a very high level, but at the same time has its disadvantages. In particular it is a high cost of all services without exception, even the simplest ones. In addition, the work of a doctor in Czech Republic is considered to be an honorable and well-paid, but still it is not easy to find good specialists. One more point: country has a large number of health facilities which offer a variety of services that are not always done perfectly. In addition Czech Republic as many other countries has a problem of a lack of places at nursing homes.