Medicine in Germany

ГерманияThe health care system in Germany is established and works accurately like the other mechanisms of this developed country. It is no wonder since a doctor job in Germany is considered to be an incredibly noble and rewarding: life is worth trying. The German health care system had enough time to properly develop and find out “levers” to protect and preserve the health of its citizens. The key principles of social equality, solidarity and help availability for every society layer were made by “Iron Chancellor” of Germany – Otto von Bismarck. Over time his works were improved, making medicine in Germany one of the best in the world. Since the treatment in Germany is often the last hope for people around the world, such a thing as “medtourism” has appeared recently.

In addition, due to the high development of this industry, more and more Ukrainians are going to this country because work as a doctor in Germany becomes a very tempting prospect for them. It allows to not only obtain high and stable income, but also to gain invaluable work experience abroad and move up at the career ladder.

The main feature of Germany health care system is that aid should be available for every citizen without exception, regardless of his or her social or financial situation. Medical aid is funded by insurance contributions which do not “hit” people pockets, since the burden of contributions is shared between worker and his employer. Due to insurance, patient can rely on stationary or outpatient care, since in Germany a nurse or a doctor work is paid decently and specialists carry out their duties really qualitatively, in contrast to the CIS countries.

In addition, in the most critical situations so-called Rettungsdienst service saves human lives. Today, almost every German family has its own family doctor, who is responsible for life and well-being of his patient. A private office in Germany must be equipped with the latest equipment, which at times borders with fantasy. Almost every expert with a Facharzt specialization can open such an office (almost half of doctors are occupied in private offices). A patient is diagnosed there and, if necessary, sent to another hospital with a narrower profile. In general, medical treatment in Germany may be divided in three types of hospitals: public, private or charitable. It is noteworthy that the charitable ones hardly differ from the private. Only by the source of funding. The important point is that the patient chooses clinic to seek for help only by himself. People come both in private and public clinics, because here and there in Germany a doctor’s work is made at the highest level, and that’s why medicine abroad has a high quality.