Medicine in Kuwait

кувейт_2Healthcare system in Kuwait is financed by the state; therefore all of its citizens can count on free care and treatment. Considering that doctors in Kuwait have a big salary and population is not large, there are almost no problems with queues. On the contrary, there is competition among the medical institutions, which forces them to perfect and to keep pace with the time. To find a job as a doctor in Kuwait sometimes it is necessary to improve your skills abroad, as local experts do. Education in country is often insufficient. In addition, members of the ruling family and the rich citizens often apply for health care to specialists from leading clinics of Hamburg, London, Chicago and other developed cities of the world. Why it is considered promising and desirable to find a doctor job in Kuwait? Because it is a good opportunity to large sums of money for a short period of time. At the same time, the Ministry of Health of the country ensures that specialists meet all the requirements and checks before allowing them to start practice.

A medical personnel in Kuwait mostly comes from abroad and most often speaks English. The medical field in Kuwait hardly differs from other countries of the world; the country demands doctors who is cardiologist, ENT, dermatologist, urologist, pediatrician, orthopedist,, ophthalmologist, plastic surgeon, nutritionist, a radiologist, a sports physician, an oncologist, orthodontist, surgeon-dentist, specialist in internal diseases.

The whole Kuwait is divided into six zones, each of which has hospital that provides a second level of healthcare. There work the best professionals; however, it is quite possible to find a job as a doctor in Kuwait for foreigners. The center of Maternal and Child Welfare, school health centers, ambulance and family doctors are considered the first level in the country. There is also the highest, third level, which is represented by large specialized clinics. Foreigners in Kuwait can expect on the first free help, but for the subsequent treatment in hospital they will have to pay.