Medicine in Libya

Мечеть_Ахмада_Паши_Караманли_Ливия-Mosque-of-Islamic-Call-Collagei_LibyaNormal medical help in Libya is available in the capital, since that is where large specialized centers with professional workers and modern technology are located. In addition, medical assistance in Libya consists of Emergency, which is also partially serves as a polyclinic. Medical institutions of Libya are different from the others. For example, an absence of documentation creates a lot of difficulties because doctor simply can’t look through the patient’s illnesses history. In addition, since there is no clear territorial division in this country, the patient often feels unwanted and redundant while desperately looking for a good specialist or a decent medical facility. After these futile attempts, patient loses any hope to receive an appropriate treatment and (if he can afford it) goes abroad for help. The Libyans most often go to doctors from Tunis. And this is despite the fact that a lot of finances in Libya are spent on health care.

It is easy to find a job in Libya for professional from any country. The health care system in Libya resembles a kind of medical “Babylon”, as doctors of different nationalities work in Libya. Ukrainian doctors were able to find a job in Libya since the country’s former leader Muammar Kaddafi has provided good employment conditions for specialists. Hundreds of Ukrainian doctors and nurses worked, work right now and most likely will work in the future in Libya. Despite this, mainly local doctors work in central hospitals and clinics, which are saving critically ill patients from across the country.