Medicine in Poland

ПольшаThe health care system in Poland is significantly different from that which exists in the post-Soviet countries, and from the one created in the developed countries of Central Europe. To find a job as a doctor in Poland, of course, is much easier than in the same Germany or Switzerland, but it is different here, and salary and working conditions. To begin with, the patient can get help in both the public and private clinics. The equipment, the quality of services they are differs from place to place. The simplest (basic services), people of the country or foreigners who work legally get at public hospitals free of charge compulsory insurance. The patient is entitled to independently choose a doctor first link, but it can only be changed in six months. If there is a desire to do it earlier you need to pay 2.5% of the price of medical services. The doctor of the first link – a therapist who directs the patient to a narrow specialist. Without this first step, you can get other specialists only on your own pay for his services. Without prior visit is possible to be examined by a gynecologist, a dermatologist, psychiatrist, ophthalmologist, oncologist and dentist venereologist.

Also compulsory insurance there is an additional, voluntary. With it, the patient has the right to ask for help in private or public hospital, clinic, not only in their area, but in any other. Those services are offered one or another medical institution in Poland at the expense of the insurance. If the patient needs long-term or complicated treatment of complicated, it is necessary to calculate in advance, for how long and for what specific services it will be enough money from the insurance. It is also notable that the insurance office is obliged to pay for medical services for family members of the policy holder. Cash contributions to fund the Social Security Administration must make the employer, if a job is lost – Employment Centre. Mandatory insurance is valid also for the tourists who visited the country with any kind visa.

Many Poles believe that after the process of global reform of the health system,  doctor`s and hospital`s work in Poland has become bureaucratic. There was a big queue to a good spesialit, and it was possible to get to a doctor only once a month. Because of a lack of good doctors (especially in the regions, and public hospitals), with education and language skills, find a job the doctor in Poland is not so difficult.