Medicine in Qatar

According to researchers the best health care systems with modern equipment are located in Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. It is distinguished by a high level of activity and ability to react quickly in different situations.

The health care system in Qatar is quite well developed, so many specialists are looking for work as a doctor in Qatar. But medical care is not free (except first aid) and it is quite expensive. However, this is not a problem for local residents. And health workers have a high income so surgeon employment in Qatar is considered prestigious.

Large hospitals provide even difficult kinds of services. And the local population, which does not have sufficient funds to get a help in private hospitals receives subsidies for services from state.

Taking into account that today the state rapidly develops increasing the level of resorts, health care system is also grows in quality. The government introduces and carries out a variety of programs to establish hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities equipped with the best medical technique and with a highly qualified personnel.

Hospitals are accredited, which indicates a high international level of treatment.