partnDear colleagues! Our company provides professional services in the selection of medical staff from Eastern European and  countries across the former USSR. Our priority is partnership with medical institutions. We provide legitimacy (complies with all  requirements of your country), and variety of contracts for employees. We appreciate tactful attitude from administration of medical institutions to personnel, who arrived from our country. We will be glad to help you with recruitment process, throug   operating  a huge database highly skilled professionals on the field of medicine, as well as engineering, veterinary and technically skilled  professionals.. Please,  specify  in your application the information that interests our clients, namely:
  • Are you paying the flight.
  • Are you paying for contract and visa.
  • Which accommodation is offered and who pays for it.
  • Required transfers within the country and in the workplace.
  • Is there a possibility to move with family.
  • Vacation (payment, flight, period).
Thank you for your cooperation .