Prospects for a medical job in Qatar

work as a doctor in Qatar, working as a nurse in Canada, work for physicians in QatarQatar is quite popular country among Ukrainian immigrants, because it is a state dubbed a paradise on the Earth. The reason for this is the economic development and, of course, a special climate. Furthermore, Qatar is considered to be the richest country, given the per capita income. Emir controls all in the country, his family is trying to improve the lives of his subjects, to improve the system of education and medicine. To find a job as a doctor in Qatar is the dream of many people, that’s just not so easy to make it. The advantage of working as a medic in Qatar is the fact that almost the entire population knows English, so it knowledge will be enough to start. The second advantage, which will surely appreciate the Ukrainians, is a high salary.
To get a job as a doctor in Qatar is possible, as our doctors have earned a good reputation and are highly sought after for employment abroad. In order to find work as a nurse in Qatar  you need to know the English language well enough to be interviewed (and it is not so easy). The regulatory authority in the field of health care in Qatar is the highest medical advice Supreme Council of Health. To start a medical practice you need to create an account in the department of SCH, to confirm the diploma and pass exams. All this is not so easy as it may seem, but the result is worth it. The prospect of working as a doctor in Qatar is different: you can become a doctor, leading outpatient care, working in a hospital (a lot of work, but it has the corresponding payment) or take the post of adviser. The most popular profession in Qatar: gynecologist, ophthalmologist, pediatrician, beautician, dentist, therapist and nurse.
It is impossible not to mention the difficulties of working in Qatar. Firstly, it is oppressively hot climate, which at first may seem like a living hell. Rainfall are rare visitors. Besides, high salaries quickly consumed by the same high prices of all goods and services. You can also see that the whole of Qatar is Doha, as outside the normal life of a modern city virtually is absent. Problems also arise if you do not own a car: the only alternative – an expensive taxi. Also, the life of Ukrainians in Qatar could be marred by unfamiliar customs and regulations, if you have not studied them in advance. In particular, on the beach you can be only in piece-swimsuit, walk on the street only in closed clothes, despite the heat, well, in the month of Ramadan during the day you cannot eat or drink in the street. Despite this, to find a job in Qatar is like a winning a ticket to the good life with good conditions, decent wages and a variety of social advantages, such as visa fees, flights, accommodation, provision of insurance, paid vacations and meals throughout the day.