A doctor job in Czech Republic

Doctor - one of the most prestigious professions. Unfortunately, in our country have not yet created of appropriate conditions to medical activity was at the highest level, so a better career development is the work of a doctor abroad. There is a program of the doctors in the Czech Republic, developed with the support of Charles University, which allows those who received his medical worker at home, confirm it in the Czech Republic and find work here or in Europe. However, there are some requirements to candidates who want to work as a doctor in the Czech Republic. Among them the knowledge of the Czech language. For its learning and training, there are special online courses that help to explore not only the basics of the language, but also full of medical terminology and vocabulary. In order to find a job as a doctor in the Czech Republic need to be trained, which is conducted  twice a year. This program consists of three levels: 1)Nostrification medical diploma. With its successful completion of a master's degree you set off on the European system of education; 2) approbation test consists of 3 parts: oral, written and practical. Applications for the exam are taken 2 times a year: to 15th March and to 15th September. After the application within 30 days, you will be appointed exam. The exam is held for doctors of these categories: general medicine, pharmacy and dentistry. The written examination is held in the form of a test in English, Russian, Czech and German languages to choose from. After passing the examination, you are given a temporary work permit in the Czech Republic (the right to a five-month practice in hospitals under the supervision of a Czech doctor who gives at the end of its opinion). Then follows the third part of the exam verbal, which is different from each of the 3 categories of doctors according to their profile. After passing of all these steps, you will will get a certificate which confirms qualifications of the doctor. 3) Individual consideration the practical part. After this confirmation, the                                doctor has the right to work in any EU country. Following the step nostrification starts training at 5-month language course. At this time you can stay in a hostel or in private apartments. In order to join the program doctors in the Czech Republic, the following documents are required:
  • A document for the Schengen visa
  • Documents for nostrification (copy of passport, a notarized copy of the diploma with the application, a notarized power of attorney for registration nostrification)
  • Documents for approbation test (a notarized copy of the diploma translated into Czech by Czech sworn translator, certified copy of the recognition of higher education, ie nostrification, medical certificate, police clearance, a copy of the passport, notary a certified copy of the diploma of the marriage certificate in case of a change of name, proof of payment of the exam in the amount of CZK 7,000).
As soon as you will pass a training program, you will be sure that the work of the doctor in the Czech Republic can bring a high and stable income, and will be a powerful impetus to the rise of your career.