A doctor job in Germany

Germany is one of the richest countries in the EU, respectively  the standard of living here is much higher. And not the last merit of this is the best health care systems in the world. Thus, the work as a doctor in Germany - this is exactly what will bring you good money and work experience abroad. By 2012, in aim to work as a doctor in Germany, or to work as a nurse in Germany, candidate  had to pass medical exam.  But since 2012 this procedure is simplified, as there was a program that BlueSard which is the prototype US GreenCard, it aims to attract highly qualified professionals for employment in Germany. This card entitles you to a formal living and working as a doctor in Germany. To get BlueSard, you must submit documents to the German Embassy. These documents include:
  • A contract with the employer
  • Diploma of Higher Education
Card is valid for 4 years I case  the contract concluded with the employer for a shorter period, then BlueSard stays valid for 3 months after termination of the contract. However, to get a job as a doctor in Germany, you have to know the German language (B2) and have a certificate that confirms this (eg, TELC, GoetheInstitut, TestDaf). The following permission on medical practice, which can be obtained in Landesprüfungsamt federal land, wherein is located the employer. The package of documents is individual but all of them need to be translated into German. All of these documents are divided into three groups:
  1. Documents for employment as a doctor in Germany.
  2. Documents to get permission to work in Germany.
  3. Documents for a work visa.
The documents in last two groups are issued after successful passage of the interview at the German clinic. In order to pass the interview successfully, you have to know the language well. Recently, clinics more often require knowing German in level C1  (despite the formal requirement is  B2). To start employment as a doctor in Germany, the applicant must provide our company (Iles Group) CV and a copy of the language certificate B2 / C1. In order to get permission for medical practice, you have to prepare the following documents:
  • Application
  • Autobiography (signed)
  • Language certificate
  • Birth Certificate / Marriage Certificate
  • Copy of the passport
  • Medical Reference
  • Clearance (within 1 month)
  • Verification of applicant that there is no open on trial or investigation against him, and that he did not submit application for a permit to work as a medical assistant to another land.
  • Diploma
  • Certificate of the doctor
  • Work-book
All documents must be originals or certified copies,  both in  native language and German translation . German translation must be made by officially authorized in Germany translator.