Doctor job in Nigeria

Specialists from our country can improve health services in Nigeria and make it qualitatively. Staff in  Nigerian clinic do not always have the appropriate qualifications, and therefore unable to provide necessary medical care. Nigeria requires specialists with higher medical education and a minimum work experience not less then 2 years. Age to 55 years. Gender does not matter. Benefits for foreign physicians:
  • Visa, contract, accommodation at the expense of the clinic;
  • Salaries and bonuses: $ 2500 per month and a ticket home and back is paid;
  • Accommodation: it will be given at least one-bedroom apartment with a lounge room;
  • Vacation is paid. Return tickets are paid in 30 days.
  • Transfer to the hospital and back;
  • Hospital only provides accommodations and support with appropriate documents without financial help;
  • Other benefits: car and driver will be provided if it necessary; electricity and water are available.