A doctor job in Poland

Ukrainian doctors who really want to become professionals in their field, often travel outside the country and begin search for work abroad. A neighboring state often becomes such a place. So what should be considered in order to make work as a doctor in Poland a rewarding experience for your career? First and foremost, what you need to do at the very beginning it is a validation - confirmation of your diploma. This procedure is obligatory or you will not be able to choose any doctor vacancies abroad in the future. In order to confirm your diploma, you will need to provide documents: application; biography; original and copy of diploma; diploma and its annexes translated in Polish language by a sworn translator; a document confirming payment of the consideration of application and examination. This procedure is not free, but apart fr om material inputs, you should also learn. But it's worth it, because salary of a doctor in Poland is at a high level. The average salary ranges from 1,500 euros (without specialization). Depending on the profile salary level increases and changes. In addition, after going through all these procedures, you will be able not only to get employment as a doctor in Poland, but also in any other European country (with language knowledge, of course). You also need to pass a special exam. For therapist profession this exam includes topics such as general surgery, internal illnesses, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, ethics, deontology and infectious diseases. To prepare for an interview, you should be guided by Polish textbooks wh ere you may find Polish medical terminology, which will come in handy while working as a doctor in Poland. Once you pass diploma validation, you come to the stage of examination on the knowledge of Polish language. Exam will check your medical terminology knowledge which is necessary for the success of a doctor or nurse employment in Poland. Many companies are preparing candidates for medical workers employment in Poland. In Ukraine the Iles Group Company takes over preparation of documents, their processing and registering for the program of study. Medical assistants and nurse job In order to fill a position of medical worker Ukrainian doctors and nurses choose less expensive way than independent passage of documentation procedures which takes a large amount of both time and money. Thus, to obtain employment as a doctor in Poland, the majority of Ukrainian doctors get a job in European hospitals as a medical assistant, nursing assistant or ANCD - coach (hereinafter - A - coach). To become a medical assistant or nurse in Poland you will need to go through the following stages:
  • take courses of Polish medical language;
  • apply for admission at distance modular learning form to the Polish university, as well as prepare and submit a set of documents for learning to obtain an A-coach certificate;
  • pass distance learning (total training time is up to 4.5 months):
  • Extramural part: 12 weeks in distance format;
  • Stationary part: 4 weeks in total; 2 weeks for theoretical part in Warsaw and 2 weeks for practical training in Poland hospitals;
  • Remote part which includes training for ANCD - coach certificate obtaining;
  • pass an exam which consists of 3 parts: testing, practical part and ANCD - coach exam;
  • obtaining of a certificate that confirms a completion of a full training program and allows you to start work as a doctor assistant in Poland.