Working as a doctor in Kuwait

Kuwait is a highly developed and rich country. It is logical that the healthcare system in Kuwait is at the proper level. Doctors are considered as rich and respectable people who can afford a lot. Find a doctor position in Kuwait is not easy, despite the fact that they have a very difficult job that requires a high level of professionalism, responsibility and education. The country often lacks anesthetists and the government is pleased to welcome professional gynecologists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons. If you have a higher education (especially if you are a candidate or doctor of science), work experience (not less than three years), knowledge of English language - you can find a job as a doctor. And this is a very promising, honorable and highly paid occupation in Kuwait. When you received a doctor's work in Kuwait, you can expect for a salary about 2,000 cu in public health facilities, or about 8 thousand in private ones. In addition, by working hardly, you can count on a variety of awards and surcharges. You will have to work a lot: six days a week with “floating” weekends, eight hours a day. At the same time, the employer pays for relocation in Kuwait, visa, insurance, accommodation and vacation. If English skill should be improved, you can also rely on language courses. In order to prove oneself, the doctor is given a three-month probation period after which an employer may extend it for another two years. After the initial trial period doctor can move his family in Kuwait too. The main thing is to not stop and continue self-education: with a scientific degree, you can take a position of a doctor, not just an assistant.