Working as a doctor in Saudi Arabia

Some people believe that health care system in Saudi Arabia is one of the best and most modern in the world. Its high level makes it easy to find a job as a doctor in Saudi Arabia for anyone wishing. But, of course, it is necessary to pass some procedures. Although it is worth to consider that in Saudi Arabia work of a doctor in public hospitals and in private ones will differ a lot, because you can get it only in those countries which has an agreement between states. If in your country there is no such a set of experts, you can refer to the "private owners" and get a contract and a visa, which will accelerate the process of registration. If you are tired of getting a pittance in home country for work, which benefits, cures and saves lives, if you want to improve level of your personal life and career, then doctor’s occupation in Saudi Arabia will be the most suitable option for you. Because there is continuously need for qualified doctors and nurses in private clinics, which are constantly expanding. In this work you will get a decent high salary and a stable income. For example, nurses earn on average about $ 550 - 650 per month, while having provided free accommodation, food, transportation to and from work, which, together with visa are paid by the employer. The number of nurses and doctors vacancies in Saudi Arabia is not limited, so anyone can find a suitable option for themselves. Vacancies for doctors in Saudi Arabia come in a variety of directions: a pediatrician, therapist, surgeon, gastroenterologist, etc. The median income of doctors per month ranges from $ 1,100 to $ 2,800. High demand for doctors of different specializations is explained by existence of three categories that have a different amount of work, and thus different load. The highest category of doctors in Saudi Arabia it's consultants, who spend first half of the day in the hospital, and at the evening have a reception at the clinic. Their salaries reach $ 3,000 a month. But to get a job as a doctor in Saudi Arabia you should be fluent in English. This will ensure the passage of the interview with the country’s Ministry of Health for the right to obtain a license to work. Among requirements that are applied to applicants are following:
  1. A high level of English;
  2. Legalized in the KSA Embassy diplomas and other certificates;
  3. Professional experience must be at least of 2 years (should be provide a legalized translation of labor book);
  4. Medical certificate (by the way, pregnancy can sometimes cause a refusal);
  5. Certificate of good conduct (no criminal records).